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Makeup Samples are available so that you can find your colors without
committing to the full sized jar.  (Even though we let you exchange an item if it's the
wrong color, then if  you still want to spend your hard earned cash on a sample then
go right ahead!)
You get 4 foundation shades, 2 blushes and an airbrush finishing
powder in a convenient 3 gram stacker wand.  Choose based on your
skin tone range.
Because we know how difficult it is to find your color online, and we haven't
invented the rub on computer screen sample system yet, Sample sizes are
available.  Also, since we're really nice people, we'll send you 1 coupon worth
$10 off your jumbo sized mineral foundation with a sample stacker purchase.
Once you realize this is the best mineral foundation ever and you're totally
buying the big size.  Yeah we know,  YOU'RE WELCOME!
(Limitations apply, like 1 per customer and such)
Shade Selector Baggie Samples Available on the Mineral
Blush page
Color Selection
3g vol sample jar
HydraSilk Foundation
H2O Foundation 3 gram Sample Jar
Light stacker contains:  Foundations (Bare
Earth, Cool Bisque, Light Amber, Sunlit Terra)
Blush (Tender, In Love) Airbrush Finishing
Med stacker contains:  Foundations (Sunlit
Terra, Sandstone, Warm Honey, Medium Beige)
Blush (Tender and In Love) Airbrush Finishing
Med/Dark stacker contains:  Foundations (Med
Beige, Maria, Golden Marble, Tuscany) Blush
(Antoinette and Raspberry) Airbrush Finishing
Dark stacker contains:  Foudations (Earthen,
Maya, Venessia, Minerals.