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PEACE OUT!  Super Natural Skin Care for Super Natural Girls.
Skin care shouldn't be "weird science"!  Peace Out has got the power of nature to balance your young skin.  Three Truly Amazing products to
cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin through villians like pimples, dry skin patches and even the stresses of that "math test", Peace Out!

This 3pc Starter Kit has 2oz bottles of all 3 PEACE OUT skin care items.  Enough to
get your skin started on the road to clean, clear and glowing.
Start Here:

Our PEACE OUT Cleanser is designed to be simple, cleansing, easy face wash for
your young skin.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Our PEACE OUT Toner is gentle enough for young skin.  Made with Aloe and Witch
Hazel to help balance and set your skin's ph.

Our PEACE OUT Moisturizer is a light lotion designed to give your skin a touch of
moisture while keeping pimples at bay.  Bye bye funky skin!