Okay so the general consensus that I have found is change your mascara out every 3-6 months.  Which, to me, seems like quite a wide timespan.  Personally, I lean more towards the 3 month mark.  I have found that if I hang onto my mascara for too long my eyelashes do not seem to be performing at their utmost potential.  We’ve all seen it … the lady with the lumpy clumpy lashes.  The one we all just want to take a eyelash comb to and rake out the cake.  This is a prime example of someone who is due for some new mascara.  Replacing your mascara every 3 months will help avoid problems of it drying out and becoming chunky.  It will also lessen your chance of it developing bacteria that can lead to irritation and even infection. 

Here are some signs you need to replace your mascara:

If it becomes clumpy

If it appears flaky and dry

If you notice a change in its color

If you notice it has a funky or rancid smell

If you recently had an eye infection (continuing to use it can lead to further infection and contamination)

If the mascara in the tube has come into contact with water (water contains bacteria)

So just like anything else, if you want to continue to get the best results, you must do your part too.  When you purchase a new mascara it is a good idea to mark it on your calendar.  Mark the day you purchased it as well as 3 months later when you plan on buying a new one.  I like to write the purchase date on a sticker and slap it on the side of my mascara so I know for sure wherever I go how long I have until I need a new one.  Hope this helps you  ladies!  Stay healthy!

29 Responses to “How Often Should I Replace My Mascara?”

  • Dori:

    love the post! Keep it up!!

  • Rachel:

    What a great idea to mark in on the calendar or the tube itself! I always forget when I opened it so I’ll definitely have to start doing that thanks!!

  • Tricia:

    Great ideas with the stickers and calendar marking- I will have to do this since I just bought some of your mascara!

  • Kelly Waltman:

    Thanks for the info!!

  • Kim:

    Very informative – thanks for the info. Love the makeup tips and flyers I get from TF!!!!

  • Mimi:

    I definitely don’t like the clumpy mascara look on women, and I wish more women would take the time to get the clumps out before coming out of the house. That being said, I hope more women read this article to learn more about proper make-up replacement.

  • Donna:

    Just had this conversation about mascara with a friend. So tired of mascara that clumps and dries out…didn’t think about the date! Will use the idea of marking the calendar. Guess I can’t blame the mascara anymore…of course the one in question was NOT TerraFirma! :)

  • Lynn:

    I only USE mascara about once every three months. I probably should keep it in the freezer or something, letting it thaw out just before I use it!

    Do LOVE your mascara though!

  • Kelli Snow:

    I agree with your blog. I always replace my mascara every three months.

  • Robin:

    Wow! It seems like the information is so basic, but I never think of it. I’ll have to start tagging my mascara with a date now. :)

  • Lisa:

    Writing the purchase date on the mascara is a good idea, never thought to do that. Old mascara is really nasty!

  • Adrienne Challinor:

    I LOVE mascara!!!! Can’t have enough of them! ONe in the purse, one in the bathroom, one in the car! When I use one up, I LOSE IT!!!

  • Kay:

    I find it easier to use a Sharpie to write the date I bought it on the side. Its not like anyone sees my tube of mascara anyway…and if they do, they either know what it is for, or they learn and maybe save themselves from an eye infection! Loved the post Sarah, keep up the good work.

  • Angi:

    Oh I am so bad at this! I just bought a brand new tube of your mascara on Saturday though. Hurray my lashes love me.

  • Deborah:

    I have really sensitive eyes, so I have to be careful about mascara. Good tips on the date. However, I find my mascara works best toward the MIDDLE of its lifespan – once the tube is slightly depleted and the wand is more evenly coated, but before it gets dried and yucky.

  • Venessa:

    Ick, clumps are one of the reasons I very rarely wear mascara, it takes to much work to get them out and by that time it seems as if there is nothing left on your lashes. Although I will say I’ve been wanting to try the TF mascare, just haven’t gotten around to purchasing it yet.

  • Nan:

    Good info. I also learned you should not pump your mascara wand up and down inside the tube, I used to do that and since I changed mascara doesn’t thicken up as quickly and the brush stays nicer with a better clean application, no clumps. Good idea about writing the date on it. Thanks

  • Pam W:

    Good idea. However, I also wear mascara infrequently, so I would have to buy a new tube every time! Does anyone have any ideas on how to make them last a little longer? Put them in the fridge?!

  • Jennifer:

    I actually prefer older mascara. It thickens up and coats the lashes nicer than the new stuff. The new tubes are so thin, it is hard to get a good coat the first time. I’m not talking 6 months old, but a month or two old isn’t bad. I guess there’s a fine line.

  • Nancy:

    Hm, how did I not think of this? So this is why it gets clumpy. I think I have a date with my sharpie marker. Good tip, thanks!

  • Lindsey:

    I’m only posting to try and win a gift ;) Thanks for the tips though!

  • Wendy:

    Wow, I think my mascara needs replaced I think mine is about 8 mo old.

  • This is an important post. Mascara can be a bacteria haven at times even effecting your vision! Thanks for the reminder. I like Kay’s reply about using a permanent marker to write the purchase date on them.
    Thanks all!

  • Sarah:

    If you do not frequently wear mascara you can definitely store it in the fridge! The cold temperature with prevent bacteria from growing. For easy application after you take it out of the fridge, warm up a mug of water in the microwave, make sure your mascara lid is screwed on tight, and place it in the warm water so it softens up a bit. This should help it go on smoothly. Glad you liked my post! Thanks for reading!!

  • Sara B:

    Thanks for the tip! I have SUPER long lashes and so I’m very picky about which mascara I use. I’ve noticed that if I get the cheapies at the super market, they get clumpy alot sooner. Definitely worth the extra $. Also, I recently left my mascara in my car over night and the next morning it was SO clumpy and gross. Appparently Cold + Masacara = NO BUENO! Keep it coming Sarah!

  • Elizabeth:

    Wow, I’m bad at this too. Just the other day I went for my emergency mascara that lives in my purse for the first time in a month or so, and it was definitely past its prime. I just stuck it back in my bag though, so I’m throwing it away right now!

  • Ellen:

    Mascara is the main thing in my make-up case so its important to me. I need it at its best at all times. Thanks for the info and the contest.

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